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Our products will satisfy the vast majority of elevator load weighing applications and can be customised to meet our client's needs. Including developing the OSD4 system for Alimak Hek. However, we recognise that sometimes a bespoke solution is necessary and this is why we have engineers who can help. 

Whilst our standard product range can be adapted for most applications, sometimes only a bespoke solution will suffice. With decades of experience in load cell and force measurement, combined with skills in metallurgy and stress testing, our engineers provide class leading solutions in elevator load weighing. Our in-house team can design, manufacture and provide technical support for any customised solution, working in collaboration with your engineers anywhere in the world.

Garan can design and manufacture customised load weighing devices for all types of elevators and we can always design a solution to meet our clients exact requirements. We are able to take care of the sensor, hardware, electronic and software development.