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Garan are a leading elevator load weighing system manufacturer and our products are meticulously engineered to exacting specifications. For ease of use all our sensors are designed to work with a single control unit the EWS 102, thus simplifying the system selection process.  With our large stock levels, we can quickly ship standard products anywhere throughout the world.

Load Weighing Control Device

Our load weighing controller can be used across a wide range of elevator applications and is used in conjunction with our specifically designed range of sensors, depending on the type of application...read more

Beam Sensors

Our beam sensors are designed to be fixed to the elevator car frame. They are made from stainless steel...read more

Cabin Sensors

These sensors are designed to sit under the elevator cabin and are ideally suited to high accuracy applications and are constructed using either aircraft grade aluminium or steel. These sensors will deliver consistent performance throughout their life cycle. ...read more

Rope Sensors

Designed for use on traction elevator ropes, Garan's rope sensors are constructed using aluminium and steel...read more

Ring Sensors

The Model CDR steel ring sensor is designed for use on the rope anchor point on traction lifts, a single sensor is used on each rope providing a compact solution between the hitch plate and ropes.. ...read more